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Domen Bizjak

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Aljaž Hafner

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Darko Sintič

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Davor Kralj

Having first met in 2010 as photography students, the four young authors soon discovered a simultaneous objective – an attempt to progress in the field of aesthetics. Each of them ascending from a completely different approach to the medium, they found themselves facing similar projects, at first as team assignments for different classes. Along those encounters the friendship developed, and so did the understanding of the differences – technicality, represented by Darko, dynamics by Domen, the portrayal experiences, provided by Aljaž and intermediality, with which Davor connected the individual ideas. Their collaboration made its first official statement in 2013, with the name Barbar Studio, and all four began working and thinking as one. Combining the contrasting approaches, their work now projects their ideas, skills and creativity, feasible only through great communication and productiveness of a collective.